Alba’s chronicle

The first time my feet stepped in Munich Airport, I was really amazed with the new atmosphere I was breathing. We started walking a bit and we found some free espresso chocolate-and-coffee machines. After our excitement of this being free, we took around many shops, the duty-free and then, we came upon some napcabs which... Leer más →

Iván’s chronicle

When you are on the verge of starting a trip, you always wonder what you are going to do at your destination and how everything will turn out. All such questions were on my mind before the journey. Nevertheless, all those doubts disappeared when we arrived in Bonn, Germany. People there were very friendly and... Leer más →

Paula’s chronicle

Travelling to Bonn has been an awesome experience to me. At first I was so afraid, because I didn't know if I would be able to communicate correctly in English with the Welsh and German people; but when I arrived there, I soon realised that there was no reason to be scared or nervous. In... Leer más →

Jaime’s chronicle

It’s beautiful how some experiences can build up your life. Our trip to Bonn has been one of them.  Four days which started with nervousness, followed by fun, and ended with sadness because of our departure. I couldn’t sum up the trip in just one image. It’s impossible to choose just one. Every memory comes... Leer más →

Noah’s chronicle

Four weeks have gone by since we were on a plane about to arrive in Bonn. And we were so nervous about where we were going to stay, who we were going to meet and what  we were going to do that we couldn’t stop screaming. And we were so excited, even though we didn’t know... Leer más →

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