International meeting in Bonn (III) / Encuentro internacional en Bonn (III)

After more than two years of hard work, the D-day had arrived at last: we were going to present our website in the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn, the museum where we came up with the idea of exploring the Cold War to learn valuable lessons for our present and future. Our big day started... Leer más →

International meeting in Bonn (II) / Encuentro internacional en Bonn (II)

On Sunday 30th we had the chance to have a really interesting guided tour to the German Goverment bunker, built during Cold War. Then we spent the afternoon in the Ahrweiler region, where we enjoyed ourselves doing some summer sledge, and the day ended with a barbecue at school with all the host families. A... Leer más →

Promoting our project / Damos a conocer nuestro proyecto

Several local media have included content about our project. We appeared twice in "La Guía de Aluche", our neighbourhood's newspaper, both in the printed and digital versions. Our school magazine also includes an article explaining the impact of our project on students, families and the whole school. Here are the links and the printed articles:... Leer más →

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