Training meeting in Tenerife / Encuentro de formación en Tenerife

On September 28th-29th we had the chance to attend the Initial Training Meeting for Erasmus+ KA219 coordinators in Tenerife. An exceptional environment to meet, exchange experiences and, above all, to learn and carry out our project the best we can. El 28 y 29 de septiembre de 2017 tuvimos la oportunidad de asistir a las... Leer más →

Welcome! / ¡Bienvenidos!

Welcome to this new stage in our blog, in which you will be able to discover our work in our second European project, "Exploring the Cold War: Bringing the Iron Curtain Down". The Spanish group (students from 4th ESO and 1st Bachillerato) meet every two Wednesdays for two hours in the school library and computer... Leer más →

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