Madrid- the city of lifetime experiences, by Boróka Erdélyi/ Madrid, la ciudad de experiencias inolvidables, por Boróka Erdélyi

Although it was only a four-day-long trip, I’'m facing difficulties when I have to pick the most important experiences we had during this time. There’ are so many of them! I guess I should start at the beginning.When I sat down to write a list of the things I should put in my luggage, I... Leer más →

I really appreciate that I got the opportunity to go to Madrid. It was exciting, we could see a new city, many historical buildings and, moreover, we met new people from different countries and cultures. I am happy I have been there. Valoro mucho la oportunidad que he tenido de ir a Madrid. Fue emocionante,... Leer más →

A «thank-you note» from Hungary

Just after the meeting in Madrid we received this e-mail from the wonderful Hungarian group. It is midnight, by now everyone is at home. Safe arrival with happiness after a wonderful stay in Madrid. Thank you ALL for the unforgettable stay, you really made it memorable, smooth and an experience with a full-hearted introduction to... Leer más →

Madrid meeting

It's been two weeks since we were visited by our Comenius friends, and wonderful memories are still fresh in our minds. It was a long weekend packed with activities, meetings, discoveries, photos, laughter... "good vibrations" everywhere! It would be impossible to sum up everything in just one post, so we'll keep posting some accounts written... Leer más →

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